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Media Releases for Slender Threads

Project Highlights

Joyce Bryant, the author of Slender Threads, hired us to write four different media releases promoting the book. Each was targeted at a specific publication with the goal of obtaining a published review. These media releases resulted in two favourable reviews. Read the 1,400-word review that subsequently appeared on page 12 of the Canadian Monarchist News. Click here

Media Release #1
Media Release #2
Media Release #3
Media Release #4

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What My Clients are Saying

Peter Bailey, Social Marketing Director, Make Children First.
"I was very impressed with the Make Children First newsletter. I liked the good use of points-of-entry where important subjects were bolded. Headlines were concise, yet still informative so that readers can select the articles that are relevant to them. I was very taken with the columnar design and the use of the banner and footers. It was an excellent product, one that I would be proud to have been associated with. I look forward to updates in the future."

Rev. Mike Stewart, author, No Crowds Present.
"Philip has the unique ability to bring together a series of thoughts and ideas into a comprehensive and readable form. His expertise in the use of words along with his ability to put himself in the place of both writer and reader make him an outstanding editor. He is detailed, creative, and fun to work with."

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