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Web based salesletter
The client had a general idea of what he wanted, a salesletter to put on his home page. After discussions with the client, elitewords.com rewrote it in its present form. The client reported that it significantly drove up sales.

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What My Clients are Saying

Karen Davis., Yarrow B.C.
"The revisions are wonderful. Thank you again for rewording my thoughts in a more readable and friendly manner. Your ability to take what I wrote and then re-word and improve it while retaining the precise meaning and keeping it in context was nothing short of amazing. You have a great gift. "


Debbie Denault, coordinator, Success by 6, Eastern Fraser Valley
"Thank you so much for writing the Success By 6 media release. I appreciated how you helped us identify who our target audience was, what we wanted to say, and what we were asking for. Also, a big thanks for going the extra mile in contacting the local newspapers to inquire about how they handle press releases. Your overall contribution to Success By 6 and the insight that you bring to the Initiative is very helpful."   

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