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Fraser Valley Child Development Centre

Connect Newsletters

The Fraser Valley Child Development Centre was having a difficult time producing their newsletter in house due to staffing changes, and so decided to outsource it. Elitewords.com has managed the production and printing of the last three newsletters, one on a ten day deadline from beginning to finish. Services include general fact checking, substantive and copyediting, proofreading, design, and working with several staff members to finalize content. Target audience are their clients, donors, volunteers and major financial supporters.

Connect Newsletter February, 2007

Connect Newsletter October, 2006

Connect Newsletter August, 2007

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What My Clients are Saying

Laurie Tattersall, Human Resources Manager, Fraser Valley Child Development Centre.
Philip edited a number of the FVCDC newsletters as well as some promotional material. He was also instrumental in helping us plan and rebuild our website (www.fvcdc.org). He worked closely with several of our staff members as well as the website designer and wrote or edited almost all the content. We found him easy to work with and especially appreciated his ability to make the material easy to understand and navigate for first-time visitors to our website. I would be quite willing to refer him to other organisations."


Rev. Mike Stewart, author, No Crowds Present.
"Philip has the unique ability to bring together a series of thoughts and ideas into a comprehensive and readable form. His expertise in the use of words along with his ability to put himself in the place of both writer and reader make him an outstanding editor. He is detailed, creative, and fun to work with."

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