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Slender Threads: A Memoir


Slender Threads. A Memoir. Joyce Bryant, CM, BEM. 2007. 188 pages. ISBN 978-0-9784890-0-7. First printing 300 copies. Book and cover design: Bill Glasgow. 

We managed this project from conception to completion. Preliminary consultations with the client involved setting the parameters of the project and identifying the audience and general tone. Our involvement included:

  • ten hours of recorded interviews
  • identifying additional subjects for the author to write about
  • transcription of interviews and additional written material
  • additional research and fact checking
  • extensive telephone consultations with the author
  • crafting the transcripts into an engaging first-person narrative that retained the author’s voice.
  • negotiating revisions with the author at every stage of the process.
  • identifying more that 100 illustrations and memorabilia to be included. Writing captions and placing the items in the manuscript.
  • taking additional photographs
  • obtaining permissions where necessary
  • scanning and retouching photos and memorabilia
  • designing the book and cover.
  • obtaining an ISBN
  • identifying a suitable printer / binder and negotiating a contract on behalf of the client
  • arranging for suitable individuals to read the manuscript and offer testimonials that appeared on the cover
  • negotiating changes with the printer
  • arranging for the delivery of the books to the client
  • arranging two public book launch parties and a limited public promotion of the book. This included creating a dedicated web page, writing a media release, identifying and contacting relevant media organisations, creating a promotional poster and newspaper ad, and developing a plan for post-launch sales.
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Denise Quinell, Eastern Fraser Valley Child Care Coalition
"Thank you for your hard work on our brochure. We appreciated your keen eye for detail and the organization that you brought to the timelines, design, and production. Your suggestions concerning the wording of the text were great, as you pointed out problems and provided solutions that we would never thought of. As you know, the project involved a lot of people and required obtaining feedback and building consensus quickly to meet a tight deadline. Your communication skills were quite simply amazing in orchestrating it to all come together. The resulting brochure was much better than we had expected. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future!"


Peter Bailey, Social Marketing Director, Make Children First.
"I was very impressed with the Make Children First newsletter. I liked the good use of points-of-entry where important subjects were bolded. Headlines were concise, yet still informative so that readers can select the articles that are relevant to them. I was very taken with the columnar design and the use of the banner and footers. It was an excellent product, one that I would be proud to have been associated with. I look forward to updates in the future."

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