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Writing Services

Writing that informs, persuades, and sells in the market place. It includes sales letters, fundraising letters, proposals, annual reports, brochures, flyers, sales sheets, case studies, media releases, and

Web (Online) Content
Web guru Jakob Nielson says it best: "Ultimately, users visit your Web site for its content. Everything else is just the backdrop." And online content is unique. I write, adapt, edit, and review online content. More

Need an article for a trade magazine? A feature on an employee? More

Whether a personal profile or an executive (professional) biography, my profiles are always insightful and well written. More 

How a Professional Writer Can Help You Succeed  (article)
A writer will save you time, money, stress, and embarrassment while enhancing your professional image and ensuring that you are understood.
Read full article.


Are your marketing materials stale, lifeless, and passionless? Are they ineffective? Do you want to create new material, but don’t know what will work?

Our skills and experience can help. Together we can meet your marketing challenges and boost sales.

We combine enthusiasm and a fresh perspective with the knowledge of proven strategies and the know-how to make them work. Expertise and fresh thinking.

We’ll present your product or service

and accurately.

 And we’ll reach your audience—really connect with them, speak to them, engage them emotionally, and motivate them to take action. 

Don’t settle for mediocre, ineffective marketing material! We can help you with:

          News Releases—that editors use. Gain valuable free publicity. 
          Sales Letters—direct mail that actually generates leads.
          Newsletters—both for the public and for internal use. People will actually read them. Increase recognition and build customer loyalty. 
          Product Launch Statements
          Case Studies
          Procedures and Training Manuals
          Fact Sheets
          Fundraising Letters
          Annual Reports
          Business Correspondence
          Testimonial Sheets

Get us working for you. Email us or call us toll free at 800.864.9152. We’ll be happy to discuss a task, talk about different possibilities, and make a free, no-obligation quote.

Need something that we haven't mentioned? Call us and we’ll let you know if it falls within our areas of expertise. If not, perhaps we know someone who can help you.

And remember, we guarantee our work. We want satisfied clients. If you’re not, we’ll write and rewrite until you are. At no extra cost.

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  Web (Online) Content

 On the Web, content is king.

Your Web site is your face to the world. And if the content is poorly written and organized, it will drive visitors away. Perhaps forever.

We can ensure that your Web content is professional and effective. our services include:

  • writing online content,
  • adapting print material for the Web,
  • reviewing and editing the content of existing Web sites.

Gone are the days when flashy graphics wowed Web site visitors. Neilson describes today’s experienced Web readers as discriminating "informavores"—roaming hunters and gatherers of information.

Research reveals that these informavores are demanding and impatient. 

79% won’t initially read your text. They’ll look at it, scanning your headlines and subheads.  

Informavores will leave your Web site if the content is:

  • not plain, clear, and concise. They detest ambiguous and verbose writing.
  • hard to find - more than three clicks, some experts say.
  • not immediately addressing their needs.

 We understand informavores. We craft clear, concise, well-written online copy that: 

  • immediately engages visitors, focussing on their needs and concerns,
  • draws visitors into your Web site, using language they understand,
  • motivates visitors with direct calls to action. Visitors become prospects who become clients.

 We also convert print medium material into online content. This primarily involves editing the content by about 50%, "chunking" the text, and adding heads and subheads.

 Perhaps you want a critical analysis of your existing Web site. We can review it, evaluating its format and usability. We’ll also copyedit the content. The result? Informed, persuasive, and error-free content.

So whatever your online content needs are, give us a call at 800.864.9152, or email us. At no cost to you, we can discuss the project and some ideas, and we’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote.

And remember, we guarantee our work. We write until you’re satisfied.

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You have ideas that you want to see in print. Maybe an article in a trade journal, a feature highlighting an outstanding employee, or a personal project.

But maybe you can’t write well, or you don’t want to write, or you don’t have the time.

We can help. We "ghost write" articles, commentaries, reviews, and features. We do the work and you get the byline, the credit, and the free publicity.

We can either undertake the entire assignment, or you can do the research and first draft and we’ll develop, edit, and polish it.

Whatever the project is, call us toll free at 800.864.9152 or email us. Take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation. We can talk about your ideas and we’ll give you a quote.

Together we can breathe life into your dreams.

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Profiles and biographies serve several purposes, from highlighting an unsung hero in a community to drawing attention to a politician, executive, or celebrity.

Profiles and biographies generally come in three formats.

  • The Mini-Profile. Anywhere from 200-800 words. Generally touches on one area of the subject’s life.
  • In-Depth Profile. Longer, sometimes feature-length. Reveals a more complete picture of the subject.
  • Executive (Professional) Biography. Used in corporate literature and media material to highlight the subject’s career, education, and accomplishments.

Our profiles allow the subjects to tell their story. It’s a task we love doing, as we believe everyone has a story.

Our executive biographies are crisp, error-free, and professional—presenting you in the best possible light.

Please call us toll-free at 800.864.9152 or email us to discuss your project. It won’t cost you anything to talk and explain your ideas. We’ll also provide you with a complimentary, no-obligation quote.

Maybe we can tell someone’s story.

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 Have a project that isn’t mentioned? Please contact us and we’ll let you know if we can help you. If not, perhaps we know someone who can.





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What My Clients are Saying

Dr.Alan Smitton, Valley Therapy Centre. www.valleytherapycentre.ca.
"As a small company of psychologists in private practice, we were looking for a writer who could acquire a working knowledge of what we do and then develop the content for our new website. Philip worked effectively with us to understand our target clientele and then wrote clear and concise content to market our services. He set clear expectations and through his collaborative process assisted us in building a user-friendly website."


Jeff Curnew, Self-Edit Technologies (www.self-edit.com)
"I’m impressed by the attention to detail in your online writing. When I really study the text, I see that every word counts and you’ve got it all working together. What you write really works." 

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