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How an Editor Can Help You Succeed

Editing is a craft. Editors can ensure that your documents or Web content is clear, concise, accurate, and appropriate. 

An editor can help you  

  • Be clear and concise
    Often you know what you want to say, but you cannot communicate it clearly. And if you’re not clear, your readers may conclude that you are negligent, ignorant, and incapable — or worse! An editor eliminates confusion, consolidates your message, and ensures clarity in your documents. The result? Readers understand them, the first time.
  • Save money
    Inaccurate or poorly written documents and Web copy can be expensive. For example, a badly written proposal may cost you a business deal, while an ambiguous contract may result in a penalty or legal action. Incorrect publications may need to be reprinted at great cost. Confusing marketing materials and Web content can also alienate your customers. An amateur editor can be an expensive bargain. A professional editor identifies and corrects expensive errors before they happen.
  • Save time
    It takes time to produce clear, effective documents and Web content, especially if you’re not used to crafting words. Delegating the responsibility to an expert wordsmith ensures that the project will be completed efficiently, on time, and on budget. Meanwhile, you save your time by concentrating on doing what you do best.
  • Look good and avoid embarrassment
    You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Needless grammatical, factual, and punctuation errors detract from your image, your message, and ultimately, your credibility. Credibility alone is a priceless commodity. An editor produces error-free communications that project an image of success, competence, and professionalism.
  • Connect with your audience
    Sometimes you get so close to a project that you lose perspective of your audience and how best to reach them. You see the trees, but miss the forest. An editor provides invaluable insight and feedback, acting as an objective "first reader." Editors ensure that your document or Web content clearly conveys its message to the intended audience.
  • Compete effectively
    In this hectic world, y
    our documents and Web content must compete with millions of other messages. An editor makes your text stand out, so that people want to read it.
  • Write more clearly and effectively
    You can learn a lot by observing how editors practice their craft. What do they change, and why? Watching how they work can improve your writing skills.  

    hatever your writing projects are, a professional editor can ensure their success. 


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What My Clients are Saying

Dr.Alan Smitton, Valley Therapy Centre. www.valleytherapycentre.ca.
"As a small company of psychologists in private practice, we were looking for a writer who could acquire a working knowledge of what we do and then develop the content for our new website. Philip worked effectively with us to understand our target clientele and then wrote clear and concise content to market our services. He set clear expectations and through his collaborative process assisted us in building a user-friendly website."


Brad Jersak, Fresh Wind Press. www.freshwindpress.com
"I'm very impressed with the work you've done and am strongly recommending that ____ _____ work with you. You certainly help authors put their best foot forward.”

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