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How a Professional Writer Can Help You Succeed

A professional writer will:

  • Save you time
    If an amateur handles your writing tasks, you’ll soon learn that "There’s never time to do it right, but always time to do it over." Conversely, a professional gets the job done right, on time, the first time. Professionals don’t miss deadlines. Meanwhile, you and your staff save time by doing what you do best. A lot more gets done in a lot less time.
  • Save you money
    By producing polished, error-free material, a writer saves you the expense of reprinting costly publications due to mistakes. There are no cost overruns with a professional. Most work on a per-project basis, so once you’ve agreed on a fee, no surprises. You pay a writer on an as-needed basis—excellence for hire. You only pay for work done. No extra salary or employee benefits.
  • Earn you money
    A writer can boost your sales and profits, sometimes dramatically. Sales letters, direct mail packages, fundraising letters, proposals, and Web content—all these can benefit your organization financially IF they’re professionally crafted for a specific audience.
  • Save you stress
    A writer is an on-call professional "staff member" who delivers a superior product tailored to your needs, on time and on budget. This translates to a lot less work for you and your staff and overall, a lot less worries.
  • Enhance your professional image
    Polished, clear, powerful, animated, error-free writing speaks volumes about you. It says that you’re competent, trustworthy, and credible—you’re a professional. Customers will want to do business with you.
    A writer can also ensure positive media coverage, keeping your name in the public eye via well-crafted media releases that editors notice and use.
  • Save you embarrassment
    Just as clear, focused writing conveys competence, so sloppy, careless copy says a lot about you—even if it isn’t true. It says you don’t care about details or what people think of you.
       It’s like wearing dirty, food-stained clothes day after day. You embarrass yourself. Your customers also feel awkward, wondering why you allow errors in your material - Errors that a professional writer would never make.
  • Help you tackle new projects
    How many writing projects languish because you have neither the time nor writing expertise to attempt them? An idea for an article in a professional publication? More business proposals? A procedures manual? Business profiles? More media releases? A newsletter? A writer can make these dreams a reality.
  • Give you a fresh sense of perspective
    Burned out on trying to sound excited about your product, service, or cause? So close to the trees that you can’t see the forest? Is your writing dry and emotionless? A professional writer brings fresh perspective and passion to your writing tasks, uncovering new ideas, approaches, and themes.
  • Polish your efforts
    A writer can complete a writing task that you have begun. He can organize content, tighten prose, add essential information, clear up ambiguities, adapt the right style and tone, throw in a dash of humour, . . . and present you with a masterpiece.
  • Ensure you are understood
    We write to communicate. Often the "message" is lost or distorted by "noise"—poor grammar and word usage, spelling mistakes, weak structure, faulty logic, and the like. Result: We are misunderstood.

A professional writer ensures that your material communicates—it conveys information clearly and appropriately to the intended audience. The content is error-free and consistent in style, flow, and tone. You connect, you communicate, and your audience understands and responds.

No confusion, no inconsistency, no frustration. Just clarity.

It’s priceless.

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What My Clients are Saying

Marion Morris, www.marionmorris.co.uk
"Having recently set up my own recruitment consultancy, I realised I needed a website but I had absolutely no idea how to go about it. Philip guided me through the process, educating me as we went along, the main focus being on editing the text to make it appropriate for a website. The finished site is now up and running and generating excellent results. My thanks to Philip for his ideas, advice, and patience!"

Rev. Mike Stewart, author, No Crowds Present.
"Philip has the unique ability to bring together a series of thoughts and ideas into a comprehensive and readable form. His expertise in the use of words along with his ability to put himself in the place of both writer and reader make him an outstanding editor. He is detailed, creative, and fun to work with."

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