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Our Guarantee

We guarantee our work. We want you to be pleased with our product and services.

We guarantee that we will dedicate all our professional skills and abilities to making your material as good as possible.

We guarantee that if you are not happy, we will write, rewrite, and edit until you are, at no extra cost to you.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

Email us for a free consultation. We can discuss your project and ideas at no cost to you, and we’ll give you a no-obligation quotation.

Let’s see how we can bring some guaranteed satisfaction into your project.



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What My Clients are Saying

Dr. Alan Smitton, www.alansmitton.com.
"I hired Philip to help build a website to promote my private practice. After some preliminary discussions, he guided me through a simple survey that accurately identified a number of goals and criteria for the website—exactly who I wanted to reach, what their concerns were, and how I could best relate to them. He then researched and developed appropriate content. Both his ability to understand what people are looking for in a psychologist and his knowledge of the principles of good website design informed the architecture of my website. 
      "Since we completed the website, several of my clients have commented on how well it reads. I have also gained several referrals from the site. Philip’s professional skills along with his understanding and caring nature make working with him a pleasure."



Marion Morris, www.marionmorris.co.uk
"Having recently set up my own recruitment consultancy, I realised I needed a website but I had absolutely no idea how to go about it. Philip guided me through the process, educating me as we went along, the main focus being on editing the text to make it appropriate for a website. The finished site is now up and running and generating excellent results. My thanks to Philip for his ideas, advice, and patience!"

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